Our Pricing Information

 Pre and Post Natal Massage

Our Specialised Massage treatments, are tailored to the individual needs of our client.

We combine Remedial or Therapeutic Massage in a relaxed environment.  Stretching, Mobilisation, OMP (Optimal Maternal Positioning) together with life style advice are utilised depending on the wants and needs of the person.  We also offer Guided Relaxation and Breath Work at the beginning of the treatment (while we are massaging) to enable quicker & deeper relaxation throughout the massage treatment.  The Guided relaxation and breath work can be chosen or not at the time of each appointment.

60min massage – Specialised Pregnancy, Relaxation or Therapeutic/Remedial $130

75min massage – Specialised Pregnancy, Relaxation or Therapeutic/Remedial $160

90min massage – Specialised Pregnancy, Relaxation or Therapeutic $190

*Extra’s Private Health rebates are available for all our treatments and can be claimed under Remedial Massage. We have HICAPS services in both of our clinics.

Birth Preparation or “Induction Style” Massage Treatment

Our Specialised Birth Preparation and “Induction style” treatments are like no other.  Our treatments not only include Massage and Points stimulation (evidence based practice).  We also use Stretching, OMP (Optimal Maternal Positioning) , Yoga and Active Movements during the treatment. The principal practitioner, Mary De Pellegrin, (depending on the needs of the client), also uses NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programing) techniques which include Hypnotherapy and Time line therapy during the appointment.  This treatment is aimed to increase the natural oxytocin and endorphin release in the body.

Why do we use the term “Induction Style” instead of Induction Massage? This is because, the term Labour Induction is a medical term and involves a set of procedures used to artificially start uterine contractions with the aim of a vaginal birth.  Our “Induction Style” treatments are also aimed at helping the body to move into birth. There is anecdotal evidence that shows Birth Preparation and “Induction Style” massage treatments can help the mum and baby,  move into birth. However, this is not an exact science or a guarantee that labour will begin.  For birth to actually start will depend on numerous factors.   We have found that a majority, ( if not all our mums) leave our treatments feeling centred, more relaxed and in a very positive frame of mind.  This enables them to wait in a proactive, patient state for their birth to begin naturally or it readies them to move into a medical induction with a relaxed body and a positive frame of mind.  Our aim is to empower our mum and help her to trust her body.

75 minute treatment –Principle Mary De Pellegrin $175   Associate $160

90 minute treatment – Principle Mary De Pellegrin $195  Associate $190

Personalised Gift Vouchers

*Our personalised gift vouchers are available at the above prices.  These special gift vouchers can be emailed for convenience as a last minute gift.  Personal pick-up or postal delivery is also available.  If you would like to purchase a gift voucher, all you need to do is email us at info@ marydepellegrin.com.au with the following information.

  1. Name of the person the gift voucher is for.
  2. Name of the person/people giving the gift voucher.
  3. The value amount of Voucer, ie, $50, $100, $130, $160, $190, $200 etc

A personalised gift voucher will then be sent as an attachment via email with payment details to the purchaser.  Once payment is made the voucher will be validated.  The gift voucher is valid 3 years from the date of purchase.

Pregnancy Treatment packages are also available.

*Our pre natal packages are the ideal gift to give an expecting mum, to help her enjoy her Pregnancy Experience.   Also note that extra’s private health cover rebates are applicable for each of the packages.  Receipts will be given on the day of the treatment for the expecting mum to claim.

  • The “Maintain Us” Package – $660 normally $706.50 (a Saving of $46) 

4 x 1 hour Specialised Pre or Post Natal Massage Treatments        1 x 75 minute Birth Preparation Treatment          Plus 1 Organic Pregnancy and Beyond “Belly Balm”        Plus 1 x  Blooms Raspberry Leaf Tea

  • The “Nurture Us” Package – $842 normally $897 (a Saving of $55)  

4 x 1 hour Specialised Pre or Post Natal Massage Treatments            1 x 75 minute Birth Preparation Treatment       1 x Partner Birth and Massage for Mum Workshop       Plus 1 Organic Pregnancy and Beyond “Belly Balm”          Plus 1 x  Blooms Raspberry Leaf Tea  Plus Evidence based Tools and Techniques to practice and take into birth… this is priceless!!

  • Coming soon – “The Ultimate Baby Moon Package” – 2 nights, 3 days, staying on the Mornington Peninsula at the private “Le Reve” B & B that has spectacular views to Port Phillip Bay and surrounding area.  All within a short walk to the beautiful Tyrone foreshore, Historic Lime stone Kiln and the Whitecliffes lookout.  The package will include, accommodation, breakfast each morning, A specialised Prenatal massage, personalised guided meditation/relaxation and a partner massage workshop and afternoon tea.
  • This package can be organised at your choice of accommodation on weekends before this date, please call to discuss.

Call us today  on 0411 239 552   or email us at  info@marydepellegrin.com.au..