Partner Massage Workshop with OMP

Empathetic, appropriate touch during labour can influence a positive birth experience.(1)

Dad…   Learn how to give your partner a soothing and relaxing massage, which could strengthen your relationship and help relieve stress.  Learn specific massage techniques to practice with your partner during pregnancy and use as tools during birth. A wonderful way to support your partner both before, during and beyond birth.

Dad…  Learn Optimal Maternal Positioning (OMP) to practice during pregnancy and be able to take these powerful tools into your birth.  Just 15 minutes of practice a day can give you the tools for a better birth experience,. 

Mum…  “Investing just 15 minutes a day to birth your way using Optimal Maternal Positioning is all it takes to prepare to your body through pregnancy to have an easier shorter and more relaxed birth. We show your partner how they can support you with these techniques

Mum and Dad… Our focus of this workshop is to strengthen communication between partners and to for Dads to learn specific massage and stretching techniques to benefit mum both before, during birth and beyond.
Our experience in NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming), meditation and hypnosis brings a unique experience to the workshops.

(1) Jones, C. Mind over Labor